The Pine River flows through four counties from its headwaters near Cadillac until it joins the Manistee in Tippy Dam backwaters. Wild Browns, Rainbows and Brookies are found in the river in very good numbers, with Brookies tending to be more numerous in the upper river. If you like to catch stream-resident rainbows, this is definately your best choice in Michigan.

The quick currents of the Pine River make it a popular canoeing river. You can minimize their affect on your fishing by timing and locating your outing after the flotilla has passed or before it gets to “your” water. You can also dodge the traffic by fishing upstream from Raymond Road near Edgetts Bridge in eastern Lake County. It is important to remember that the trout are used to the canoes, and they probably bother you more than the fish. The Pine is both wadeable and floatable. It does become quite turbid when it rains hard.

– Field & Stream, April 2007